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Fabric Coating UV Cure Silicone
Consider a few of the functional benefits of silicone rubber: extreme flexibility, anti-slip properties, weather resistance, water repellency and good adhesion. Now imagine processing speeds unmatched by any other technology. This is the advantage of UV cured products available exclusively from NOVAGARD® Silicones. The exceptional surface grip and anti-slip properties make these materials ideally suited for application to non-slip elastic straps used in goggles, fishing waders, headlamps or lady’s apparel.

Ultra-Violet Systems

• Exceptionally Fast UV Cure ; Room Temperature Curing
• Minimal UV energy requirements
• Little, or no, heat generated during cure so parts and substrates remain cool
• Process or package a part immediately; No racking
• Cure up to ¼” (6.3 mm) of material 10 times faster than other well known brands
• No Oxygen Inhibition ; No Corrosive Byproducts
• Extremely flexible, high elasticity with a soft touch and no tackiness
• Solvent Free / 100% solids – no VOC’s to handle or report
• Relatively high surface grip

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