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At Novagard Solutions™, we specialize in the customized formulation of single-component, neutral-cure, oxime silicone RTVs (room temperature vulcanates) for a variety of industrial applications. These silicone products are scientifically formulated to meet customer specified performance requirements. Novagard Process Specialists, working in conjunction with your representatives, will manufacture sealants, adhesives and coatings with tailored rheological properties, cure profiles, adhesion characteristics and physical properties to match your application needs and specifications. Silicone RTVs react with atmospheric moisture under standard operating conditions to produce an elastomeric network. Novagard silicone RTVs exhibit the following attributes:

• Long service-life with excellent weathering and oxidation resistance
• Ease of installation, "ready-to-use" products
• Primerless adhesion to most common substrates
• Broad operating temperature range (-40ºF to 400ºF)
• Rapid cure with exceptional green-strength for quick turn around
• Low odor, and solvent free with no isocyanates

Novagard RTV 100 Series Silicone Sealants

General purpose, acetoxy-cure silicone sealants and adhesives that may be used for many O.E.M. and maintenance applications. The products of the RTV 100 Series are thixotropic pastes that react with moisture to form medium-modulus, rubber-like solids. These products liberate acetic acid upon curing which may be harmful to some acid sensitive substrates. Products are available in white, black, aluminum and translucent. NSF 51 Certified. more 100 series sealant

Novagard RTV 200 Series Silicone Sealants

Self-leveling, single-component, oxime-cure silicones for use in applications where the coating needs to flow into small crevices and hard to reach areas. Coating intricate electrical and mechanical devices, insulating electrical terminals, and thin section potting are a few of the many applications in which RTV 200 Series products may be used. These products have good adhesion to most common substrates, and will not corrode aluminum, copper and ferrous metals. more 200 series silicone coating

Novagard RTV 400 Series Silicone Sealants

The Novagard RTV 400 Series is composed of single-component, moisture-curing, thixotropic paste products that cure to low to medium modulus, rubber-like solids. The cure mechanism is neutral (oxime) which is non-corrosive to metal substrates such as copper, aluminum and ferrous metals. This series has excellent adhesion to many substrates including metals, plastic and woods. Typical applications include bonding automotive trim, headlight assemblies, plastic vent pipes, and fiber optic lighting. Sealing and gasketing applications include electrical and electronic equipment, cement and masonry and any area where the weather and environment needs to be sealed out. The Novagard RTV 400 Series also includes two low-adhesion products for creating formed-in-placed gaskets where postproduction disassembly is required. more 400 series silicone adhesive sealant

Novagard RTV 500 Series Silicone Sealants

RTV 500 Alcohol Cure Series is ideal for applications that require quick cures and early green strength development on electronic components, circuit boards and other sensitive components. RTV 500 Series is a pending UL recognized component. As an adhesive, RTV 500 Series sealants out performs slower materials in multi-step assembly applications where the fast tack and early strength are needed as a unit moves from station to station. more

Novagard RTV 600 Series Silicone Sealants

Novagard RTV 600 Series Sealants are unique addition cure silicone gels formulated for potting and encapsulation. The 600 series is noted for exceptionally fast cure times , convenient mix ratios , solvent free formulations , and non corrosive byproducts. Whether above or below ground re enterable or non re enterable Novagard's 600 series silicones are optimized for junction box enclosures , cable splice kits , electrical insulation and a plethora of potting and encapsulation applications. more

RTV 800 Series UV & Dual (UV/Moisture) Cure Encapsulants, Gels and Gasketing Materials

RTV 800 Series products represent a break-through in UV / Dual Cure Silicone Technology. With cure speeds of less than one second, processing speeds exceed previously unobtainable levels. This unique chemistry allows paste products to cure up to 5/8" thick with minimal energy requirements. Physical properties can be varied including the viscosity of encapsulants from a few hundred centipoises for spraying to several thousand for thick coating applications. Dual cure products offer assurance that shadow areas will fully cure. No sub-ambient storage is required. more

Novagard High Temperature Silicone Sealants

High-temperature (+500ºF), moisture-curing, non-slumping paste that cures to a medium-modulus, rubber-like solid. These products release acetic acid during cure, which may be corrosive to some metal substrates. The high temperature series can be used for general purpose bonding and sealing applications that will be exposed to temperatures as high as 600ºF (intermittent). more high temperature silicone sealant

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